Swinging for Joy by Aishah Hight Review – Teaching Kids the Power of Kindness

Swinging for Joy by Aishah Hight

Swinging for Joy by Aishah Hight

Swinging for Joy is a very impressive and gripping story that has been written by Aishah Hight that teaches the little kids of all the ages that even the small acts of kindness can change the world. This book shows the kids that they can also create positive change in the society. The simple illustration of Aishah Hight makes it very easy for children to understand concepts like helping the needy people and loving the animals. The illustrations in this book inspire kids to be kind as well as see the results bloom.

The story of this book revolves around a girl named London and her dog named Joy who love playing on swings in the park. One day while playing in the park, they meet a boy who lost something which was very close to his heart. Now Joy, London and that boy has joined the hands to find it. This adventure teaches the children that anyone can make a difference no matter how young they are. Even the tiniest of the actions matters a lot. She has shown that even a small action can have bog impact. It is a short book and it can be read in one go.

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The book is very educational and fun read. The drawings in this book look like comic book art and make the story very gripping. As the children follow the journey of London and Joy, the words continuously remind them about being positive in your life. All in all Swinging for Joy by Aishah Hight is a very interesting book that tells the children that even the small acts can change the world around you. This book has got some of the most impressive and lively pictures from Whimsical Designs CJ.

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