The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala Review – Discover the Emotional Tapestry

The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala_2

The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala is a very fascinating book of poems that allows you to feel like you are recounting the memories as well as experiences. It is awe-inspiring how the words can make us imagine new places and meet the people who exist only in the pages of the book. Unlike the fiction work, poetry is more connected to the emotions and thoughts of the poets who write it. In this beautiful collection the poetess Fatema has shared her true self allowing us to look into her heart.

The poems included in this book covers loads of emotions ranging from love and happiness to sadness and betrayal. All these emotions paint vivid pictures that will surely touch your heart. Sometimes it is hard to understand poetry and it is like looking at a painting and everyone will see it in a different perspective. The writing of Fatema is awesome and full of feelings. She can describe her thoughts in such a way that feel real. While reading her words is just like listening to a beautiful romantic song. It is a book which you need to read at night when everything is calm as well as dreamy. It is a must read for the ones who love poetry and romance.

On a conclusive note, we can say that ‘The Midnight Scrawls’ is a magical book that allows the readers to explore the inner world of the author. The poems of Fatema touches on different emotions as well as experiences that make us feel connected. The words are like soothing melody that echoes in our hearts. If you love poetry as well as stories about love and life then this book is a perfect choice for you.

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