Loot by Tania James Review – The Tiger’s Legacy

Loot by Tania James

Loot by Tania James is a gripping historical novel that will take the readers on a stunning journey through the 18th century. This gripping tale connects various elements together. A quest of a her, a love story plus coming of age of a young artist. The story is set against the backdrop of colonialism’s haunting legacy across the continents and time.

The story revolves around a seventeen years old Abbas who is a very talented woodcarver and his talent catches the attentions of Tipu Sultan. Abbas has been drawn into the service of palace where he has been given a momentous task i.e., crafting a grand tiger automation that will be gift for Tipu’s sons upon their return from the captivity of the British. He had a little idea about the destiny of the wooden tiger which he will create will mirror the turbulent struggles faced by the nations as well as dynasties during the effects of war across Europe and India.

Tania James

Abbas has refined his artistry by working with renowned Frech clockmaker, Lucien du Leze. He has also learned Friench language and crosses paths with the daughter of the Frech expatriate named Jehanne. As Du Leze has been permitted to return to his home Rouen, he invited Abbas to join him as his apprentice. When Abbas arrived in Europe, he found out that the palace of Tipu has fallen to the British looting and the expensive tiger automation has gone missing. In order to prove himself and safeguard the legacy, Abbas has decided to go on a difficult and challenging mission to take back the tiger from English countryside estate where it has been kept amidst a collection of looted art.

Loot is a stunning work of the fiction that has blended the history and imagination. The post’s twists and turns will keep the readers at the edge of their seat and the emotional depth of the tale resonates long after the last page is turned. All in all, Loot by Tania James is a captivating novel that transports the readers to a past era.

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