My Two Centuries in Africa by Carl William Henn Review – A Memoir of Resilience, Adventure, and Cultural Discovery

My Two Centuries in Africa by Carl William Henn

My Two Centuries in Africa by Carl William Henn

My Two Centuries in Africa is an impressive book that will take you on an awesome journey through heart of Africa and it has been depicted with charm as well as humor of a guy from Indiana who never planned anything on spending nearly 40 years on this mesmerizing continent. The author of this book Carl William Henn who is from American Midwest, a place famous for cornfields and Hoosiers. Carl then found himself in Morocco as Peace Corps Volunteer and African continent cast a spell on him and after that he never left this continent.

In the second part of this mesmerizing book, we reached into the new millennium, and it is a roller coaster ride from there. Carl takes us to an unforgettable journey across all of Africa from North to South and from East to West. He was attracted to the equator and this unbelievable adventure that lasted for forty years. Most of the people will be thinking that this is another African memoir which is full of cliches about war, safaris and poverty etc. but this book is unique and different as it tackles the AIDS epidemic. The author approaches it with the accuracy of a scientist with a touch of humor. The book has no sensationalism or any wild tales and you will only get solid data and evidence.

This book has got more than 100 colorful pictures which is like flipping Carl’s scrapbook of African adventures. If you are a music junkie, you are in for a treat as Carl has made Spotify playlists featuring African beats that will take you to the mesmerizing Africa. It’s not just another memoir when you read “My Two Centuries in Africa.”. It is a powerful tale of cross-cultural understanding, tenacity, and the unbreakable human spirit. You will gain a profound appreciation for the dynamic continent of Africa as a result of Carl William Henn’s wit, wisdom, and adventurous spirit that leap off the pages.

This book is a journey you won’t want to miss, so grab your safari hat and a sense of humor. Carl’s story will make you yearn to visit Africa for yourself, though perhaps not for a complete unintentional forty-year stay, as it is filled with vibrant markets and breathtaking scenery.

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