The Spite House by Johnny Compton Review – Unveiling the Haunting Mystery

The Spite House by Johnny Compton

The Spite House by Johnny Compton

The Spite House by Johnny Compton is one of the books which I was excitedly waiting for the review and now I have got the chance to have a look at it. The plot of this book revolves around a family who is trying to runaway from something. The father named Eric Ross is trying to move with his two daughters while their mother was absent. In order to secure a stable future, Eric accepts a job in small town where an old lady offers a large sum of money to the ones willing to reside in mysterious house and document its spooky incidences. Despite the unclear nature of this offer, Eric sees it as an opportunity to provide the stability for his daughters considering risky jobs they had been doing previously.

The Spite House by Johnny Compton is a refreshing take on traditional haunted house narrative. Though the story is told from different perspectives which is not usually my preference, each viewpoint has served its purpose very well. The author has developed the backstories of different characters very skillfully particularly the Ross family, highlighting their close bond. As the story unleashes the reason behind the attraction of the family to the Masson House slowly become apparent.

For readers who enjoy atmospheric writing, The Spite House offers a particularly immersive experience in audiobook format. The story has maintained a sense of tension and it has kept the readers on lookout for what will happen in near future. All in all, “The Spite House” successfully conveys a haunting mystery and family dynamic, making it a compelling read for fans of the genre. With excellent storytelling and well-written suspense, this book is a valuable addition to any thriller lover’s collection.

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